13 September 2012

Giant backpack

Yesterday, in the car, A1 asked me if I liked being a doctor better than being a photographer.  I had a visceral reaction, nearly yelling at him that I would never prefer being a photographer.  Never ever ever, in the ardently pubescent voice of Taylor Swift.  Never.  Ever.

Throughout this past summer, while on the brink of having 2 kids in elementary school, I fantasized about so many things, both wildly irrational as well as firmly realistic.  I thought the notion of taking a part time job in a joint practice somewhere belonged in the latter category.  Coming to the realization that that idea actually belongs in the realm of pure fantasy has been hard for me these past few days since school has started.

I'm grateful for my eye and my gear, but only so far as they help me preserve precious moments like this one:

I nearly burst out in tears watching my baby move so far ahead of me.  He seemed so big and independent, yet so tiny compared to his gigantic backpack.  How long would that backpack be so relatively big?  Another year--maybe two?  That's it.  There will be nothing left but outgrown clothes...and photographs.

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Amber Riley said...

Love those backpack photos...Hope he loves school!