28 August 2012

Writing books

 I really love movies and summers are a great time to catch up.  I recently enjoyed two small films that both happened to be about the journey inward--both were slow (at times, painfully so) but with great punchlines at the very, very end.  Both endings were somewhat ambiguous, but I found Another Earth wonderfully hopeful whereas Young Adult was deliciously cynical and hopeless.  Neither of these films were especially pretty, not like Atonement, which was just so beautifully shot.  Sadly, Atonement was more flash than substance because I found it exceedingly boring!

Maybe the boys will enjoy film (watching/making) as much as I do.  I meant to do some stop motion animation with them this summer, but I was never able to carve out the time.  They make their own time for familiar media though.  Today, they decided to make books.  A1 said this would be his first without illustrations because he wanted readers to use their imagination.  He says his novel will have many chapters that will thrill and entertain, promising A2 that he would love it.  I'm sold!

He talks to himself when he writes (I do that too).

He wanted to do a preview reading for us:

In seeing this, A2 quickly wraps up his first chapter and narrates for us.  Seems like an uplifting story.  See the, "Don't worry," text on his page?

A2's writing is poorly spaced and upper- and lower-case letters are strewn about haphazardly.  But I don't worry too much because he seems to have good fine motor control in other tasks like stuffing his raspberries with mozzarella (bleh...that's his recipe, not mine) and making vehicles for his Lego men:


Michelle said...

I bet both of the boys wrote some great stories :D Kids imaginations are the best!!

Michelle said...

Oh, and talking to one's self while writing is a sign of a great writer. At least that's what I've been telling myself all these years :)

Lam said...

I LOVE taking peeks into their little heads by way of their storytelling. For years, we've played the fairy tale game where we take turns finishing each other sentences. So for example, I might start with, "Once upon a time there was a..." and then A1 would add, "Twelve-legged, one-eyed alien who..." A2 would follow with, "Loved to eat pine cone pizzas." And then this would go on and on until the boys were satisfied with the story. Sometimes they try to foil each other by steering the tale into new directions, but that just added to the fun. :)