20 August 2012

Sunset at the beach

The boys go to bed at 7:00 every night.  I realize that's very early, but they need time to unwind with a book or two (I'm thrilled by their love of reading!).  Of course, that means they miss out on spectacular summer sunsets.

Last week, I took them out to dinner after A1's figure skating session and they were totally impressed by this:

I told them a strip mall sunset was not photo-worthy, but they forced me to snap a shot anyhow--they're dictatorial like that.  To make up for that lackluster experience, I took them to the beach yesterday, arriving around 6:00pm. 

A1 knows to go far out and find secluded areas because I don't like to capture images with too many bystanders.  He really took that message to heart yesterday:

I let them dig and play in the sand as they normally do:

But when the sun got really low, they stopped to watch the final moments of the sunset.  Ha ha!!  Splash all you want: Mama's new awesome possum camera body is weather sealed!

A1 describes it as the ocean swallowing the sun.  It was pretty neat, but that meant we had very little light left for beach play.  I have no idea what this synchronized swaying was all about, but I do know they were having a good time in the waning light.

Well...they were having a good time until A2's mood soured.  He's my little capricious fella--no worries though, joyful states are just as sudden and inexplicable.  Here is his big brother trying to cheer him up.  I think that just exacerbated matters.  Oh well...it's too dark anyhow.  Time to pack up.

The boys weren't quite ready to go home so we walked the pier for the first time ever!  The last light as we faced East:

This is horrible straight-out-of-camera shot around 8:00pm of a super sleepy A2 and A1 in the middle of a blink.  It was so black out that I didn't couldn't see the boys that far in front of me I didn't know what they were doing.  Fortunately, the D4 is practically equipped with night vision, though I should have upped the ISO a bit.

Wow, no wonder I hardly ever compose text to match the photos.  So boring!

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