16 August 2012

Not a Firefly reference

...but my mind immediately went there when I saw this page from a library book:

Is Firefly child-safe?  Can I let the boys watch it with me?  They've enjoyed an occasional Star Trek (TOS) episode with me now and again.  I still laugh hysterically whenever A2 busts out an unprompted, "Brain and brain, what is brain!?!" from the first episode I ever let him watch.

I've been dutifully engaging in my Tiger Mom, teaching-to-the-test, drill and kill with poor A2 (no worries--it never lasts longer than 20 minutes daily and always stops any time he asks to close up for the day) and to pass the time, A1 has been reading to himself.  He's been put on a steady diet of classic science fiction so as to prepare for the day when I start him on a fuller course of Star Trek study.  Here he is reading H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.  I'm so thrilled and impressed by his genuine love of and fascination with symbolism so we are going to have a blast discussing this one!

Here is A2 in his usual furrowed state.  He's always fiercely focused, "Wretched blocks, I will conquer you!"

The two pics following were from another day in the library but they seem to fit here thematically so I'm squeezing them in.  Here is our setup--A2 at the table with me and A1 dancing around in his chair every 2 minutes in strange and seemingly uncomfortable positions.

One of the neatest things I learned about A2 is that he thinks he ambidextrous!  When asked to trace an object, he holds the figure with his left hand and the pencil with his right hand.  But then when he's on the other side of the figure, he switches so that he holds the figure with his right hand and traces with his left.  Strange aside: I have a high school friend with a daughter A1's age.  When her daughter started showing preference for her left hand, my friend corrected her!  Who knew that kind of thing still happens this day and age?

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Michelle said...

Is Firefly child safe? It depends on how much violence you're comfortable with showing the boys. It's very Western lawless with the very occasional laser gun. The first episode has Kaylee getting shot in the stomach, not to mention Mal shooting someone square in the chest without even blinking, then he and Jayne tossing the body off board.

We have watched Firefly with TLE in the room. She wasn't impressed and happily went off to play with something else while it was on.

A1 is more well-read that some adults I know! And I'm so jealous of A2's ambidexterity. That is just so cool!

(BTW working on some stuff on my blog, including comment subs! One attempt at activating them sorta failed so trying again :) )