24 August 2012

My first night out!

Under the guise of dedicated parenting, I shunned Moms' Night Out events.

One of the real reasons for not going out at night was that I had dependent sleepers.  I thought I made them that way by exclusively nursing them to sleep.  Even after A1 and A2 both weaned at 20 and 28 months respectively, I still stayed with them until sleep overtook their little tired bodies.  I've finally let go of the guilt of believing that I'd created nervous Nellies because, now, I send them into their rooms by themselves and they engage slumber without so much as a peep.  In fact, I credit those early secure associations surrounding our bedtime rituals with their current comfort in putting themselves to bed.

The other, and probably more salient, reason for staying in at night was that I just don't like to socialize that much.  Well, I actually very much enjoy being with friends, but mustering the effort required to initiate said socialization by countering my irrational fears and quelling my unfounded anxiety get to be too much most of the time.

But two weeks ago, I went out at night for the first time since the boys were born!  Duran Duran, baby.  It was an excellent show!  It would seen that all of us old folks took our Advil for our achy joints because everyone stood up and danced the ENTIRE length of the concert.  But why does John Taylor look the same now as he did when I was in junior high?  Here I am below with my friend.  Maybe the question I should really ask is why we are as giddy now as we were in junior high.

Here are the boys during two separate trips to the beach with people they'd never met before (because what is a post without pics of the boys?).  They have clearly not inherited my phobic response to social situations.  I'd like to think that if I'd had a sibling, I too might be less of a social freak.

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