06 August 2012

First day of unscheduled vacation

Right after school let out, James took 23 days off, 10 of which we spent in New York.  Then, on the same Monday he returned to work, we all headed off to Cub Scout Day Camp as a family.  After that, the boys had a week of golf, a week of basketball, and ended with a week of tennis:

It was nice to have the boys together, doing fun things with each other but without my constant presence.  I'm always with them--day or night (yes, A2 is still cosleeping!), whether they are at home or at school.  But this time apart has been good for all of us.  Besides, I could do things like hang out with my sad vegetable patch.  I was told we would be up to our ears in green beans.  Not so much:

To start off our first day of true summer vacation, I thought we'd go wild and have s'mores for breakfast.  I used the toaster oven and Nutella.

I'm pretty sure the boys approved:

By the way, check out how my counters are totally cleared off!  That was one of the perks of having them spend the day at the baseball game with their dad yesterday.

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