30 August 2012

An unofficial end to summer

The truth is that I really enjoy the beach--I just don't enjoy the sun.  Unfortunately, those two tend to go hand in hand.  It turned out that we saw the ocean (both Pacific AND Atlantic!) quite a bit this summer.  These shots were left over in the "to be blogged" folder but I don't know when they were snapped!

It's great that we got all the beach time in because Labor Day is nearly here, marking the unofficial closing of summer.  School is just around the corner, A1 started a new session of skating lessons,

...and this afternoon, A2 had his very first soccer practice.

This is our family's very first foray into organized team sports, what with A1's aversion and all.  So far, so good!  But I did just realize today that being Assistant Coach means I'm on the field chasing a bunch of 5-year-olds and not hangin' and gossiping with the other moms.  Obviously, I love being able to be part of this experience for A2 but part of me just wants to cluck with the other hens!  Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that they are sitting comfortably in the shade while I'm running around like crazy and sweating up a storm.

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