08 July 2012

Where everybody knows your name

My Cheers is the Orange County Museum of Art.  We are dedicated visitors during their free 2nd Sundays, courtesy of Target.

Every month, there are 5 different art projects, live performances, storytime, and occasional treats like today's animated film festival.  The boys enjoyed working with so many different media and I enjoyed hearing from all the volunteers who are embarking on lives as artists and art historians.  We usually stay 2 to 3 hours--I try not to pack snacks so that they boys get hungry and I'm able to pull them away from the museum, otherwise we'd stay all day long!

I think my favorite new trick was the photosensitve paper.  I'm definitely going to buy a few sheets for future projects!


Michelle said...

I have more than a few pangs of jealousy seeing what kinds of fun stuff you have in the OC! :)

Lam said...

So weird...Blogger tagged your comment as spam.

I've been slowly building a menu of free activities over the last few years. I'm astounded by what's available too.