02 July 2012

New York: Day 8

A1 really wanted to see the Empire State Building.  I have a bazillion shots of the view out the sides, but who hasn't seen the NYC skyline so I'm not even going to post them.

Did you know that traveling with 6 obnoxious minors means you get wide open Subway seating?  Cool, eh?

Lunch in front of the Museum of Natural History means ice cream from the street vendor.  By the way, that black dye DOES NOT COME OFF!

A1 loved the museum and had to photograph or at least closely examine nearly every single display!!

Having indulged his big brother as much as he could muster, A2 started climbing the furniture...

so we took them to Central Park.  In between the Museum and the Park was an amazing dinner at an Irish Pub with their uncle and cousin--I have no photos...I don't know why. 

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