02 July 2012

New York: Day 6

A1 had a lot of ideas as to which landmarks he'd visit once in New York.  He was especially grateful that his brother agreed unquestioningly.

Both the boys' Irish and German great grandparents came through Ellis Island.  It was pretty exciting for them on a personal level.

A1 feels such a connection with the events of 9/11 and he was proud to have visited the memorial.

You know, everything sparkles on 42nd Street, including the disco McDonald's, the Subway, and even the Police Dept..

James was accosted by Hello Kitty and A1 by some strange silver character!

Unedited shots, original and its cropped version, as we were waiting to walk back to Penn Station.

The thunderstorms meant awesome clouds at sunset.

Here's A2 being goofy on the LIRR home.

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