01 July 2012

New York: Day 3

Day 3 started at James' old high school and one his favorite eateries, White Castle (blech).

Then, we met his brother, his sister-in-law, and their daughter at Jones Beach.  It was a first meeting for the kids and the boys immediately took to their cousin, who is pretty awesomely awesome, having earned a doctorate before her 24th birthday.

A2 looks crummy in that last shot so here's one to make up for it.

A thunderstorm meant we had to run for drier venues so we ended up at Dave and Busters.  We've never been even though they're all over Southern Cali.  A2 really took to skee ball and A1 just wanted to play shooting games--check out their game faces.  Mostly I'm impressed that it was nearly black in the arcade but these images are so crisp--totally unedited and presented exactly as they came out of the camera other than a size reduction and watermark to make them blog-friendly.

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