22 July 2012

G'night, Dead Fish

TMI warning for the sensitive!

I had this teddy bear, Betsy, who was so well-loved through my childhood that I brought her with me to college.  Some time early in that first semester, a hallmate commented on how scroungy Betsy looked.  Clearly this person was mistaken because my beloved bear was pristine! 

But then another person commented. 

And another. 

So I took a look at Betsy and for the first time I saw her that she was either bald patches or matted fur.  How did this happen?  How did I miss these developments in her aging through time?

Today, I looked up and realized that The Pax is looking pretty scroungy himself.  I mean, we love him all the same--maybe even more so because of his delicate state.  But sheesh, he's mangy!  I suppose all these morbid thoughts cropped up because our last remaining fish died this weekend.  A2 asked for me to take lots of photos (I found this a little creepy, but who am I to judge his mourning process?) and to wait before we removed his body.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait a bit, but the boys have been resisting said removal. 

It's now a day and a half later and there's still a giant floater in the tank.  He's become part of the family.  Tonight, before bedtime, A1 said goodnight to The Pax, Mr. Fur, and the newly named Dead Fish (she no longer goes by her "alive" name).  The boys are asleep now and I'm going to make the executive decision to remove Dead Fish.  I've been grossed out for nearly 2 days now and it's time.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I can't stop laughing about them calling the dead fish, Dead Fish.

Lam said...

Yeah...we're not very creative 'round these parts. A1's favorite stuffed frog is named Froggy and A2's favorite stuffed guinea pig is named Guinea. We calls 'em like we sees 'em! See dead fish; name it Dead Fish.