23 July 2012

Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL

The last post was about our having too many toys so it seems fitting that this post is about our having too many scheduled activities.  Perhaps I made a mistake in signing up for all these camps.  The boys were dropped off at basketball as happy little guys

...but they came back as tired grumps!  We had friends over for a quick swim so that poor family was lucky enough to repeatedly witness the 5-minute intervals between whining sessions.  The boys were short with each other and so much needier than usual.  I may have to reevaluate whether it's prudent to continue as originally planned.  The boys are not used to this kind of schedule since I have always made it a priority to safeguard their free time.

After the swim, I asked for portraits and got this:
I guess one out of two isn't bad.

Even though they were giving me all forms of grump, I still wanted to follow through on my a-project-a-day promise.  Having been astounded by those foam geysers that shoot up way beyond my own adult height, I wanted to give the boys the same experience.  I'd seen on Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, how I simultaneously love and hate you!) the idea to use tape so that a single candy grouping was formed, thus allowing for quicker introduction of a larger number of Mentos to the soda bottle.  It was a multi-person job...check out all those hands!

Sadly, the tape was too loose and the individual pieces fell out.  We quickly plopped just a few in the traditional way but the geyser was not so impressive.

Well, I should say that it wasn't impressive to me--they boys LOVED it!  What it lacked in height, it made up for in duration.  It went on like this for quite a while.  I totally dig their expressions here:

The 2nd attempt--super tall, but so quick that my camera missed the entire thing! 

See?  No middle here...just the beginning above and the ending below.  But you can tell by the splatter pattern that was it was impressive!

I suppose it was a good lesson to see how the Mentos served as the limiting reagent.  Plus, I got to catalyze the release of CO2 so I was able to tie today's project into our recent sodium bicarbonate/acetic acid projects.  So maybe our fail was really a win.

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