01 July 2012

Clearing out the junk

I recall being 2 or 3* when my father impressed upon me the importance of a clean desk prior to initiating a lengthy or detailed task.  It was one of those random tidbits that stuck permanently, often to my detriment.  So now, knowing that I have a bunch of vacation photos to blog, I feel the itch to clear out the other, less important images so that I have a "clean desk" before getting to the New York pics.

So here is James laying on the couch.  I have no taste and it is reflected in my odd selection of furnishings.

These two images were captured by A2.  He has a way of getting perfectly respectable adults to behave like fools in front of his lens.  I'm spectacularly jealous and stupendously proud of this ability.
I need to sell my D7000 to make some money for a new lens (because I COVET!), but I'm torn because I want to keep something that the boys can use.  They're both quite enamored of the responsiveness of DSLRs over their small point-and-shoots.

* My father was imprisoned and tortured by the communists after the fall of Sai Gon for being a loyalist (he was a district prosecutor and that made him a South Vietnamese sympathizer) from the time I was 3 through 6 so my memories of him are before that time and don't start again until he planned our escape from Viet Nam when he was finally released.

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