23 July 2012

An embarrassment of riches

Our house has always been crammed with toys.  We truly do have a lot of them...too many, really, considering the fact that they are hardly ever played with.  That observation about children preferring the box containing the toy over the actual toy itself has always been true for our family.

James was building two catapults for our upcoming water balloon war and the boys came out to the garage to "help" in that way that only they can.  So, of course, rather than lending a hand, they merely grabbed some leftover materials and constructed their own creations. 


A1 built his characters, dressed them in superhero capes, and wrote a story.  These are Maglifto and Ninjohnny from the planet Octogonia. They've brought their pet Pounceroo to fight the villains of Earth.

So that means I can stop buying toys and pick up extra photography gear with all the money I'm saving, right?


Michelle said...

Any toy would pale in comparison to a WATER BALLOON CATAPULT!

Lam said...

Those things are huge! They're taller than me. I don't know how we will store all of our medieval implements of minor destruction once all is said and done...