26 July 2012

A2 indulgence

There's no reason for this post other than to talk about the little guy.  Here he is at 4 days old in my Hotsling (photo by then 2-year-old A1).  I can't believe he had so much hair when he was born!  He quickly lost it and didn't gain it back for a long, long time.

And here he is about 2 weeks ago, looking as guilty as his guinea pig.  Why are they both staring at me like they've done something wrong?

Everything A2 does is so BIG!  His love is so, so big.  But his anger is equally robust.  I always thank A1 for making me a mother.  But at that point, it was just a mom and a dad and their baby.  So I thank A2 for making us a family.  We weren't complete until he came along. 

He's been asking to be made a big brother.  He really wants a new baby in the family so that he can take the lead as A1 has done with him.  It's such a lovely sentiment on his part, but I don't think my aging body, let alone my dwindling sanity, can make that wish happen!

Hmm...in reexamining that pic above, maybe they're both looking at me like I am the one who has done something wrong!


Elisana said...

Hi, not even know how I got to your blog, but wanted to let you know I also have a little guy who is trying to manage big emotions. I'm learning how to deal with it, each day... not easy at times, but hopefully we'll get there together.
Best to you and your family

Lam said...

Thank you--and to yours.

It looks like we were onto the same blog title. Except I was originally going to post my sewing projects and have failed miserably whereas you have succeeded grandly! It's so nice to see adorable items for boys--the only I ever see are all skulls and tough stuff and they don't suit my boys at all so it's lovely that you've fashioned such fantastic apparel for your little guy!

Michelle said...

And again, I lament that we don't live in SoCal because I know TLE would love A2 & A1 as big brother figures. (I am beginning to think that only very active boys could even begin to keep up with my little tornado.)

Lam said...

We specialize in *activity* around these parts! Sitting still is for the birds--the stuffed, taxidermy birds, I mean. Have you found anything with wide open spaces up there like our regional county parks down here?