06 July 2012

40 is the new 40

I wear "40" like a badge of honor.  There was something desperate and clingy about being 37 or 38, as if I were trying to hang onto my waning youth.  But 40...it's announced with joy and acceptance.  It rings not merely of knowledge but also of the wisdom that can only be acquired via experience.  It also reeks of the inability to care as much about the minutiae as I used to.

I suppose it has everything to do with the current circumstances of my life.  If I were childless, in a dead-end job, and living under a bridge, 40 wouldn't feel so hot.  But this is exactly where I wanted to be, regardless of how much fantasizing I may do about alternative careers.  I've finally grown to realize that most of the obstacles are the ones I've placed before myself and, more importantly, that I am fully capable of eliminating said obstacles.

Besides, among my birthday presents was this little treasure, horribly captured in front of our lemongrass as an Instagram:

How can you argue the awesomeness of that?

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