18 June 2012

Returning to chaos

I can't imagine I'm alone in the desire to come back from vacation to a clean house.  Since we are about to depart for a 10-day adventure in New York, I need to get a few things in order.  That means that I'm going to have do one of my photo dumps on this poor neglected blog of mine.

Napkins are of minor importance to A1.  Will it always be this way?  Will I follow him around as a teenager wiping his face?

Here is A1 at his school's Jog-A-Thon.  It's not a favorite of mine.  We participate in the school's 365 program, which requests a dollar a day for your child's education (we even get matching funds from James's work so it's actually an annual donation of $730 from our family).  They do this in lieu of smaller fundraisers like the dinner & auction or magazine/wrapping paper/candy sales.  I love the idea of 365--it's mostly because I hate selling.  I've been hit up by my nieces and nephews for years and swore I would never do that to any relatives.  But the kids are supposed to request donations per lap jogged.  Um...no, thank you.

We've had a late start to the garden.  The plantings happened early but everything was dying because, as we finally figured out, there was TOO MUCH sun!  Still, the boys have enjoyed watching the surviving plants thrives.

He loves sugar gliders now.  He knows more than anyone would possibly want to know about them.

Let's talk about GATE and differentiated instruction, which basically means that our fearless, tireless First Grade teacher is basically homeschooling 30 different kids and applying 30 different curricula. 

The class had an American Icons report, but instead of a person or a place, A1 decided he wanted to focus on an event.  9/11.  Yes, 9/11.  And the teacher encouraged him.  He didn't want to create a nice, neat little 2-dimensional presentation like everyone else.  Oh, no, that wouldn't do.  He had to have a ridiculous 3-dimensional one.  And again, the teacher encouraged him.  So on the afternoon before the project was due, I was informed of such and we had to rush home from swim class to dig into the pantry for random boxes to create his skyline/timeline.

I'm always so happy when I get to a fig before the birds do.

I folded 30 of these shirts and instructed the classroom to compose haiku to gift on Father's Day.  I'm unlikely ever to do that again!

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