06 June 2012

Podcasts: theory vs. application

I love the concept of podcasts so I subscribe to quite a number of them.  I can edit photos at my computer while listening to my favorite topics and I can be entertained while running around the house with my wireless headphones in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone.

But these things don't seem to happen.  I can tune out auditory stimuli with far too much ease.  Sometimes an entire episode is played but I've heard only the first handful of minutes before checking out for the entire remainder! 

Here are some totally unrelated Scouting photos that I finally processed from this last year:

Trip to Waste Management

Rain gutter regatta--we used this pic to demonstrate the red eye effect as part of the Photography belt loop instruction 

Archery with the pack

BB gun with the pack

Scout-O-Rama pics of A1 having a great time

A visit to the fire station was one of the Tiger requirements

Radio station visit--another Tiger requirement

Tiger Cub Safari

Doing a MyPlate poster

The Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach

Pinewood derby prep and race

Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Weeding as part of our Leave No Trace service project

Ice Skating belt loop

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