18 June 2012

New camera!

I totally acknowledge the fact that I didn't need another camera body.  Yes, I'd wanted to move away from the cropped sensor of my current and previous cameras but it wasn't a necessity.  But when James asked what I wanted for my birthday, I couldn't think of anything else.

The former is a quick D4 shot of A2, still sad from his MMR vax and the latter is a D7000 capture of A1 in a potato sac during his school's field day.  I'm sort of in love with the depth of field and the way the D4 makes even my cheap 50mm lens look good.


Michelle N said...

Oh man that DoF is to die for! Is that your usual nifty 50??

Lam said...

Yes, it's the usual 50mm at f/1.4. But I was obviously very close to him during the golden hour(s) so there was no choice other than delicious creamy bokeh. I don't know how much of it is attributable to the D4.

I also don't know that the jump up to the better body will change the look of my images as much as it will reduce processing time. Pretty much comes out of the camera the way I want it to now. Yippie!