04 June 2012

Heritage Park water feature

Look, here's the deal: I am a visual learner.  I loves me a good image.  In fact, I'll watch entire television shows with terrible plots and characters to whom I cannot relate simply because I love the cinematography.  But I just spent the last 2+ hours of my life watching The Tree of Life and Oh-Em-Gee, what a self-indulgent heap.  It was my second attempt at the film.  I had to walk away after the first 20 minutes last time and forced myself to see it in its entirety this time.  It feels like one of those films the hipsters love and use as a source of criticism to show off how much better they are.  So I'll beat them to the punch and save them the trouble--I'm too dumb to understand it, perhaps all the symbolism escapes me.  Bleah.

Here are photos of the boys.  No art degree necessary--it's just kids playing in water.  Of course, I did select these shots from Heritage Park on purpose because I was alluding to the superior film The Fountain.  Heh...check me out--all symbolic and sh!t.

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