06 June 2012

Fibber fibber, trousers aflame!

I'm always bragging (I've faced the fact that I don't have any self-control and love to pat my own back) about how our summers are carefree.  I even get a little snarky when I see parents who sign their kids up for a million summer activities.  That kind of packed schedule defeats the purpose of time off from school.

But here I am, having just signed the boys up for 4 4-hour days of golf, 5 4-hour days of basketball, and 5 2-hour days of tennis.  It's 3 consecutive weeks of...stuff.  Really, it's 4 consecutive weeks but I'm even counting the Scouting day camp since I'll be present the entire time.  Yes, I am a "key staff" member--the camp photographer.  I don't even know how that one happened.

In light of yesterday's A1-heavy post, here are a few of A2 to balance things out:

I wanted to snap a quick pic of the day lilies in the front but then A2 got in the frame and now the flowers are (purposefully) out of focus.

It's uncertain whether the first grade classroom knows A2 as A1's little brother or if they only know A1 as A2's big brother.  A2 pretty much owns the room so for his birthday, we brought treats and the first graders sang to him!

He did eventually manage to make a poster to present to the preschoolers.

Outside of the REI.

Hammers and nails are fun!

Birthday party dancing.


Rachel S. said...

Not to make your trousers more aflame (ok, well maybe a little), but now I think your kids are officially more scheduled than mine this summer! I can't believe it. Of course I haven't signed mine up for anything in August yet...

Lam said...

Yay!! Your kids are going to love all that free time!

I'm usually so good about keeping their schedules open but I couldn't resist now that they are at an age when they can go to the various camps together. They're pretty much done by noon so we'll still have the rest of the day to swim and play--that's how I talked myself into registering for so many activities.