18 June 2012

Daily projects

The boys absolutely love projects.  Okay, maybe A1 loves projects and his little brother agrees with everything his big brother says.  Still, I somehow got suckered into promising to arrange for daily project work.  Today is only Day 3 of summer and already, I'm seeing what a big mistake that was on my part.

We started with the 5 basics elements of shape via the Monart system (dot & circle and straight, curved, & angled lines) and applied them to animal drawings.  Check out the focused look on A2's face!

I tried to distract them the second day by taking them to the spray park

...but they still insisted on a project so I had them make marshmallow shooters (a cut balloon stretched over the bottom of an open paper cup) and we talked about converting potential energy into kinetic energy.  The shooting was fun, but trying to collect the marshmallows on the lawn faster the dog could eat them was pretty stressful.

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