06 May 2012


How cute is this guy who came with A1's Hoth Lego set?  He's even got a tauntaun drumstick.  (Wow, our red dining room walls make for nice photo backdrops!)

Anyway...in completely unrelated news, we had a fancy tea party at the house.

See those seedlings in the back to the left of the frame? That's the new veggie patch my dad built for my birthday! We've enjoyed gardening immensely this season! The whole family has gotten into the act.  Even Mr. Fur Christopher benefits since he gets to munch on all of the seedlings that we pull out when thinning the patch.  Here are 2 bean sprouts the boys found particularly fascinating:

And to balance out the A2 pic, here is his big brother with a friend he invited to the rink, hanging with his Flat Stanley, and feeling very shy as everyone sang a round of Happy Birthday:

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