06 May 2012

Photo dump

We've been doing so many fun things lately but I'm so behind on blogging that I'm just going to throw a bunch of random pics up and hope that that will catch me up enough to motivate me to keep going.

Driveway play:

Our Pack's Blue and Gold ceremony had homemade fleur de lis chocolates!

What's more fun than squishing paint in a zippy?

I was bragging to a friend that I snap daily pics of the kids.  Unfortunately, most of them look like this:

Great Park:

A2's St. Patty's Day's celebration with his class:

 How far behind am I?  So far that this nest in the cactus outside our kitchen window is occupied again by another birdy family.  Yes...these pics are from a whole year ago!

An entire museum trip and this was the only thing the boys wanted me to photograph:

A1 recommends it:

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