21 May 2012

I'm not a camper

I enjoy nature--but I also enjoy showers and sleeping without rocks and twigs jabbing me.  I haven't been camping since I was myself a Scout.  The boys had such a great time that they keep asking to go back.  (I'm not quite ready yet.)
Yup...that's our van in the background.  It wasn't exactly a hike to the site.

Here's A1 trying to get a good view of the fireside snack--fruit cobbler in a dutch oven.
A1 and much of his Den were randomly selected to lead the morning flag ceremony.

We went on a hike where the boys found a fish skeleton.  They were most perplexed by the missing head.  I think they enjoyed the archery, BB guns, and slingshots better than the hike!

The boys learned lots of cool knots that they used to make tripods which themselves turned into a neat bridge.  They also earned their whittling chip and their astronomy belt loop.  Phew!  What a packed schedule!

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