21 May 2012

I'm not a camper

I enjoy nature--but I also enjoy showers and sleeping without rocks and twigs jabbing me.  I haven't been camping since I was myself a Scout.  The boys had such a great time that they keep asking to go back.  (I'm not quite ready yet.)
Yup...that's our van in the background.  It wasn't exactly a hike to the site.

Here's A1 trying to get a good view of the fireside snack--fruit cobbler in a dutch oven.
A1 and much of his Den were randomly selected to lead the morning flag ceremony.

We went on a hike where the boys found a fish skeleton.  They were most perplexed by the missing head.  I think they enjoyed the archery, BB guns, and slingshots better than the hike!

The boys learned lots of cool knots that they used to make tripods which themselves turned into a neat bridge.  They also earned their whittling chip and their astronomy belt loop.  Phew!  What a packed schedule!

7 and 5

I know it's the half empty approach, but I often mourn the boys' eventual departure by subtracting from 18.  Now that they are 7 and 5,  I only have 11 and 13 years left!  It's so hard to believe that time flew by so quickly.  They have yet to yearn for this departure.  In fact, A1 doesn't allow me to talk about going off to college because he gets so emotional.  And A2 says he's going to live with me forever.  Yay!

13 May 2012

Youth Expo

What a spectacular day that was!  Next year, we will go at least 2 of the 3 days instead of just 1.  Unfortunately, though there were many, many activities and live performances, I only captured these 2 the entire time:

I was actually too engaged in the activities to remember to photograph them!

Scouting nepotism

Here is a shot at our Blue & Gold in February--that's James the Cubmaster! 

We were each to select a representative from our Dens to honor the Webelos II boys bridging out from our Cub Scout Pack to their Boy Scout Troops.  I just realized when reviewing this photo that all four of the younger boys are the children of Den Leaders!

Final preschool Mother's Day

I tell ya, school Mother's Day celebrations aren't nearly as fun in grade school as they are in preschool.  This was my final preschool one with A2.  It's all very bittersweet.

A2 and my mother at our tea at home:

The public library craft/treats/photo corner--they insisted on wearing the feather boas:

The aforementioned final school tea:

12 May 2012

Zoomars Petting Zoo

This was our first visit.  I thought the boys would be too old to enjoy it, but I'd really underestimated their love of animals.  Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm!

Newport Sea Base Open House

This was an amazing day and while it was our first visit, it will most definitely not be our last.  The entire event (including lunch and dessert!) were free--I was particularly impressed by the 45 boat ride.  The boys learned a lot about Sea Scouting and I'm excited to see if they will remain interested all the way through 8th grade, when they are finally age-qualified to join.

Showing 'em who's boss

Here's a shot of A2 last month after planting the entire veggie patch.  I can't believe how much just a month's time has change the space!  So much greener!

A1 finally dragged out his entire Lego army and whipped them into shape by matching helmets and other accessories to their original characters.  Here he is with a look of complete determination to triumph over the chaos that was his army:

08 May 2012

Spring Break

It was totally mellow this year--the only time we left town was a during a day trip to Joshua Tree.

There was, of course, a whole lot of art.  I'd read about dyeing salt (or was it sand?) with a stick of chalk in a zippy.  It didn't work so well when I proceeded in the instructed manner so I cheated by grating the chalk!  That worked incredibly well.  We plan on incorporating the final product into future projects.

We broke out the watercolor set that had been gathering dust in the garage and made some neat items including one that involved dripping rubber cement.

We did a lot of reading.  At one point, I looked up and realized that the 3 of us were sitting around on the living room sofas quietly reading our own books.  It was like a dream come true for me!  Yes, I know...I dream big, eh?  Anyway, A1 really recommends this series:

After our Easter party, the boys were in a doughnut mood so I took them to Krispy Kreme for the first time.  They were fascinated by the waterfall of sugar.

And the rest of the time was spent rolling around on the lawn and repeatedly chasing ducks away from the pool.  All in all, a great break!

06 May 2012

Playing in dirt

I've often taught the boys that the more they do something, they better they get at it.  They are most definitely dirt experts!


How cute is this guy who came with A1's Hoth Lego set?  He's even got a tauntaun drumstick.  (Wow, our red dining room walls make for nice photo backdrops!)

Anyway...in completely unrelated news, we had a fancy tea party at the house.

See those seedlings in the back to the left of the frame? That's the new veggie patch my dad built for my birthday! We've enjoyed gardening immensely this season! The whole family has gotten into the act.  Even Mr. Fur Christopher benefits since he gets to munch on all of the seedlings that we pull out when thinning the patch.  Here are 2 bean sprouts the boys found particularly fascinating:

And to balance out the A2 pic, here is his big brother with a friend he invited to the rink, hanging with his Flat Stanley, and feeling very shy as everyone sang a round of Happy Birthday: