14 February 2012

Oh my gods, that was so frakking good!

I barreled through 4 seasons, including the mini series opening, 2 movies, and 2 series of webisodes, in 2.5 weeks. These characters and their storyline have a permanent place in my heart, shockingly close to where the Star Trek uni/multi-verse resides. And I am a lifelong fan of Star Trek, having seen every episode of every series and every movie (let's not talk about how much Star Trek paraphernalia is in this house because that's just embarrassing) so that's saying a lot.

It may be because BSG had a beginning, middle, and end.  There's something about closing a show on the writers' terms instead of limping on for years on end until there's nothing left and it's forcibly canceled.  I mean, did we really need all 9 years of X-Files? Don't get me wrong, I watched every single episode of those 9 seasons--but I stopped caring a good number of years before it left the air.  I hope Fringe gets to end of its own terms.  But at least it's already gotten to play out more than Firefly ever did.

BSG's upside-down Planet of the Apes revelation wasn't exactly shocking to me and I do understand there will always be unsatisfied viewers.  My reaction to the BSG finale reminds me of how I felt when Lost concluded.  I wasn't fully satisfied with how the various plot points were tied up but I derived great relief from the sentiment conveyed.  There was really no other way to end BSG--or Lost, for that matter.

Totally unrelated shots of the boys making art:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

So glad you enjoyed it!

Lam said...

I enjoyed it immensely! I mean, I liked your Dresden Files and Firefly recs, but they didn't get their own post. This one was worth shouting out loud!

Michelle said...

Yes, BSG is goooooooooood :)