02 February 2012

31 of 31: Things that drop away

The first thing that's getting scratched off the list?  Daily blogging!  I just can't do it (enjoyably, anyway).  I know that the boys have had a great time seeing photos of themselves throughout this month, but even this post is dated Feb 2.  Fail!

Next are my ridiculously unused, strangely taxing networking accounts.  I will not miss my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts at all.  I can't pull the trigger yet on my Facebook account, but its cancellation is definitely in the works.

The clutter is leaving.  I had a porch full of unnecessary stuff that got picked up today.  And there will be even more that I'll be dropping off later on.  I feel good about de-cluttering and great about the donation.  Some of it will be sold and those funds are going to a group of nuns toward their works and some of it (much of the infant related items) will head directly to a Vietnamese orphanage.  Seriously...it took *that* much to get me to let go of the unnecessary junk around here.

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