01 January 2012

Beginnings: 1 of 31

Empty text field, cursor blinking.  What could be more terrifying to a writer, a photographer, or a mom than a blank slate?  And that's me: terrified writer-photographer-mom.  I suppose it's primarily due to the paralyzing possibility of being discovered as a fraud given that I can neither write nor capture photographs in a competent, compelling fashion.

Thank goodness for the mom thing.  Biology and a whole lot of luck assured that I was able to do that.

In an unabashed feat of laziness-disguised-as-natural-parenting, we spent the last afternoon of 2011 in the woods, a giant, blank, electronic device-free slate.  And the boys seemed to know what to do (build dirt structures and dance amongst the trees, of course).  I'm proud that they've learned to actualize their own imagined plans rather than waste away in front of a television or mobile device watching the imagined plans of someone else.

I want the adult version of freely dancing in the woods.  But I figure there are quite a few prerequisites that need to be met first.  Yes, folks, did you see the ridiculously clumsy segue?  It's time for the obligatory New Year's Resolutions!

First on, or should I say off, the list is my friend and my foe, Facebook.  In fact, all of daytime computing is going to go away.  Not only is it a horrible example of how not to exercise my imagination, Facebook is usurping time that could be spent having fun with the boys.  Even what I might consider worthwhile, editing photography sessions, needs to be relegated to that span of time after the boys are asleep.  Otherwise, I am making myself a liar every time I celebrate my full-time stay-at-home mom status.

I know it's cliche, but I need to lose weight.  I am at an all-time high, and my tiny 5'2" frame is hefting around an overwhelming 35 pounds above my prepregnancy weight.  But rather than setting weight loss as the goal, the aim is to be healthier in this new year.  This will be easy to achieve since I'll be running around, playing with the kids, instead of sitting and waiting for them, thumb typing on my phone.

While I'm cleaning out my mind and my body, I might as well clear out the house as well.  My history of organized living was obliterated by parenthood so I'd like to return to my roots and stop living like a hoarder.  That way, I'm not living in fear of having surprise guests find out what the place looks like before I stuff the junk into the closets and under the sofa!

2012 has to be a year of creative output--I've been living in the dark for too long now.  Those ideas floating around in my noggin need to be composed and executed.  All that de-cluttering planned as a part of the third resolution is going to give me back my editing/sewing room so that means more writing, more camera captures (both still and motion), and certainly more sewing!

So there you go!  The blank slate is now filled with 4 lofty goals that will make me a more contented person, which will, in turn, allow me to spread contentment to those around me.  Everybody wins!

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