09 January 2012

9 of 31: My little bookworm

I posted this pic of A1 after he read The Foot Book about a year and a half ago.  It's amazing the progress that he's made.  He was really excited to have completed Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, and frankly, I was equally excited.  I was certainly not reading at this level when I was 6 years old! 

And before you go there, I swear, I'm not Tiger Mom-ing him into it. He actually enjoys reading and is self-motivated.  Well...he enjoys it now.  I kinda, sorta, just might have urged him on a bit in the beginning.

Ah, cripes!  Isn't that the Tiger Mom motto?  "I'm pushing you for your own good; you'll thank me later."  Jeez, maybe I should aim to be a Tigger Mom instead of a Tiger Mom?

This pic is so horrible.  We were on our way to return the book to the library and he suddenly asked for a quick shot.  I think part of his excitement was due to the fact that it was a recommendation from his beloved Kindergarten teacher. 

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