06 January 2012

6 of 31: The weight of email

I try to keep my email totals manageable because as my inbox grows so does my anxiety.  Don't get me wrong, I'm completely enamored of the convenience of electronic communications, especially since I'm an extreme night owl who doesn't exactly keep regular hours.  Plus, my quiet little angels somehow magically transform into screaming banshees whenever they figure out that I'm talking on the phone.  But my worrywart tendencies means that unanswered emails weigh pretty heavily on me.  I understand that the worry is unnecessary.  I understand that the amount of worry is not commensurate with the hurdles at hand.  And still, I can't seem to do anything about eliminating the worry!

This is exactly why I find laughable the notion that being able to name a problem means that you've progressed halfway toward solving it.

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