28 January 2012

29 of 31: BSG

How can I call myself a fan of science fiction having never watched Battlestar Galactica?  Thank goodness Hulu has the first 2 seasons so I can get started on my catch-up plan.  But they don't have the 2-part mini series that opened the 4 season.  Man, I'm lost!

Here is a totally unrelated image from last summer of the Fall supplies list for first grade.  Notice the additional items required for GATE students: highlighters, thick and thin permanent markers, ruler, additional colored pencils.  From this list, I assume GATE students are expected to possess greater ability to discern main, critical details from supporting ones and to do so on primarily a visual channel.  It seems they're also expected to make fewer errors while doing so!


Rachel said...

Lam- we have Netflix through the Xbox which has all 4 seasons of BG including the initial miniseries. You are welcome to come watch if you don't have Netflix! I never saw any of it so could watch it with you. Eddie was excited about the remake when it first aired but as soon as he saw that Starbuck was a girl he stopped, lol.

Lam said...

Thank you so much for the offer! But I've now seen the opening miniseries and I'm well into the third season. I LOVE IT!!

I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan and was terrified of the JJ Abrams reboot, but I ending up enjoying it immensely regardless of some of the major changes. A female Starbuck works in this case, IMHO.