28 January 2012

27 of 31: Furlough Fun

I get so excited about furlough days--I know that they are difficult for our beloved and much appreciated teachers who have to cram lesson plans together and don't get paid on those days, but it makes think that every day could be filled with travel adventures if we were home (van) schoolers!

We decided to visit Joshua Tree National Park again.  It's lot of climbing for the boys and makes me feel very thrifty for using our annual National Parks pass.

Tons of shots the boys looking tiny among the rock formations:

It's like a giant Rorschach.  They boys claim it to be a car:

A2, having seen a few tanks on the drive toward the park, says he's driving his own tank:

And A1, known as "The Senator" because of his bizarre love of public speaking says he's behind a podium.  He gave an entire impromptu speech.  It was hysterical!

Here are some pics for which I have no caption but I know the boys would wonder of their whereabouts since they requested their photos themselves:

A1 is really into silhouettes so he wanted these:

Uh...no thank.  These names frighten me!

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