02 January 2012

2 of 31: On my own schedule

At every turn, in every moment, is the potential for change.  Yet, we wait until the new year to make our resolutions.  What in the world is this about?

Maybe we're procrastinators.  After all, change is painful.  It makes sense to postpone it for as long as possible so that we're able to avoid the related hardships (never mind the logic that we are also deferring the rewards). 

Or perhaps it's because we're creatures of inextricable habit and bound by social constructs.  I've always made resolutions at New Year's!  Everyone else is doing it!  Sure, this line of reasoning defies our parents' admonishment, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge..." but who cares?

I wonder if it's because we're too hard on ourselves.  It's as if blowing the diet on Monday generalizes to the rest of the week so that we can't get a fresh start until the following week.

Regardless of which of these reasons holds the most water, I'm going to try my darnedest to keep my own schedule and stay on track despite momentary setbacks.  For example, I failed to give the boys their gingerbread experience before Christmas, but did I shelf the whole project?  No!  We forged ahead and made our own New Year House:

 Is their childhood hampered by my lousy gingerbread schedule?  I think not!

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