20 January 2012

19 of 31: Lessons

Yes, it's the 20th and I'm posting the 19th blog.  What I've learned during this daily blogging exercise is that I'm no good at daily blogging!  I'd like to say that it's a particularly busy time for me right now, but the truth is that it's ALWAYS a busy time.  I'm closer to the end of the month than I am to the beginning so I'm not going to abandon his project, but I'm sort of losing the point of this whole endeavor!

Totally unrelated pic of me and A2:

Man, I love that front facing cam on the iPhone!


Michelle said...

Love the pic of you and A2! Don't feel bad about daily blogging being difficult -- it is!! Most blogs (even Mommy blogs) aren't nearly as spontaneous as they may seem. Even (especially?) those that blog on a near daily basis have at least their topic preplanned. (Honestly, the more research I learn about how to run a successful blog, the more jaded I become about authenticity. But that's me ranting...)

Lam said...

This isn't a revenue-building blog so I'm not really looking to grow readership among strangers...but I was hoping to post more photos of the boys (because they love reviewing them here) and put more words down (because I'd otherwise zone out from day to day without living an examined life).

Hopefully all of this will put me on a better track for this year because I really slacked last year and the boys were so often disappointed to find the same image week after week when they logged on.

I completely understand your bloggy jadedness!