13 January 2012

13 of 31: Explaining myself

Promptness: it's nearly a religion with me.  But I feel like I have to explain my stance because so very few people around me hold punctuality in the same high regard (nor view tardiness with the same disdain).

A1 was what a friend lovingly termed a Crock Pot Child--that is, he was slow-to-warm but would hum right along as soon as everything reached optimal conditions.  It was difficult for him to engage with others if I introduced him into a room already full of active toddlers.  So I got into the habit of showing up on time, which is ostensibly showing up early, because that meant we would be the first ones to join the playdate.  A1 would do just fine if one or two playmates were added to the mix at a time so that he wouldn't be overwhelmed by the noise and confusion in a single swoop.

Even before I had kids, it was absolutely critical to be on time.  When your profession is paid on the hour and that hour isn't even 60 minutes, chances are your clients are counting every one of those 50 and even 45 minutes they are allotted.  Starting a session late may mean being glared at for that entire time!  Clinical work certainly taught me that it was important to be well-bounded and end on time too.  Being too elastic at the finale means patients bring up their most important work at the end of the session instead of at the beginning or middle. 

But really, the root of it all came from childhood.  My father always emphasized the importance of promptness as a sign of respect so I had no choice but to take in that lesson.

So there.  That's the continuing evolution of my near fanatical adherence to the almighty clock!

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