25 December 2011

Post count

Unless I post twice per day until New Year's Day, this will turn out to be the year with the lowest post count since I started blogging (except for that first "year" which was only 2 months anyhow).  Maybe that's why I've been composing these little posts instead of those monstrous ones with 20 images embedded.

You know what's strange?  The RC helicopter, model rocket, archery set, fishing poles, etc. mean absolutely nothing compared to the boxes in which they came.  Next year I'm going to put boxes in their boxes!

You know what else is strange?  I wanted to show much I love whipped cream on my hot chocolate (with a healthy dose of holiday bokeh in the background) and I think I just ended up connecting the frenzied holiday season with antipsychotics.

I checked the tide tables and saw that low tide was nearly at dusk so we visited the tide pools instead of our usual Christmas day beach.  And to stick to the theme of strangeness--these DSLR images don't impress me as much as the one I made with my iPhone!  Here are the boys discovering cool critters like the half plant/half animal sea slug and the usual suspects: hermit crabs and anemones, doing some sort of tide pool Tai Chi, and frolicking in the waves.

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