25 December 2011

New electronics!

I know, I know, Christmas is not about new toys.  That being said, I *really* love my new toy!  James updated my iPhone to a 4S primarily because I'd been wanting a point-and-shoot for those times when I couldn't/wouldn't carry my DSLR with me.  This shot of the boys at Little Corona at sunset today is my very first image on the phone:

Are you kidding me?!?  The dynamic range on this little thing is fabulous!  On the old phone, the darker portions would have been completely black and the lighter portions would have been totally blown out.  And the color rendition is remarkable as well.

ETA: I can't stop staring at this image.  No wonder compact manufacturers are afraid that the compact digital camera is going to go the way of the film cameras.  I can see why so many people have abandoned that extra device when their phones work so well to capture memories in two dimensions.  If I could gain aperture control on this phone, I might just leave the DSLR at home most days!


Michelle N said...

The holidays are *totally* about new toys. ;) j/k But yeah, the 4S image and video quality is remarkable! I was pretty blown away with some of the videos I saw from the 4S immediately after it was released. If/when I get another smartphone, I'm considering climbing back onto the Apple bandwagon just for the image quality.

Lam said...

My eyes have adjusted to the sharp and brilliant nature of the new 4S, but it was startling when I first got it!