21 December 2011

Lap sitter

Last week, I was so proud to be able to award most of the boys in my Den their Tiger rank badge.  But before and after our own ceremony, we had to wait for the various presentations from the other Dens.  A1 did most of that waiting on my lap, as did a few of his First Grade buddies.  I know that Scouting families are a self-selected group of close-knit folks who sought out the values-based experience that defines Scouting.  But the fact that our boys, whose heads rose way above our own, happily snuggled on their mamas' laps during a gathering of their school peers is still remarkable. 

I recalled when, during my first year as an undergrad, I was invited to visit with the family of a friend who'd gone home for the weekend.  At 19, my friend ran to her mother and sat on her lap.  Our little group of college buddies was a little baffled.  I, myself, was as surprised as I was jealous because I'd not known that sort of parental physical affection.  It'd been difficult growing up swimming in a sea of Western signs of affection only to come home to be very Eastern detachment.  That's not to say that I was raised without love--but it does speak to the fact that I, having spent most of my childhood in the States, had a difficult time reconciling what I saw outside of my home with what my parents guaranteed was their own expression of love and affection.

I don't plan on withholding physical affection from the boys any time soon.  And maybe, one of these days, they will come home for a visit during college, and plant themselves squarely on my lap.

Unrelated museum photos--the boys enjoyed their chromatography experiment and seeing all the Star Wars themed gingerbread "houses":

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