27 December 2011

How much can we cram into a single day?

I'd been wanting to take the boys to the Bolsa Chica wetlands for some time and finally got a chance to do it.  There are 2 exhibit rooms in the visitor center full of living and mounted exhibits and both rooms were staffed by very nice, helpful people.  The parking lot was full when we got there and I didn't want to make the boys cross at Warner (so big and busy!) so we waited about 10 minutes and several spaces opened up--lots of joggers coming and going on the trails.  We were able to spot a good number of water fowl, but regretted not bringing our binoculars.  Still, at the whopping price of FREE, I don't suppose we should complain about our experience!

Then we headed off to Sunset Beach.  It's a County-maintained beach so I assumed we'd have to use our Regional pass, but there was so much convenient street parking that we never even made it to the official lot (if there even is one!).  The dunes were especially fun for digging and closer to the water, shells are aplenty.  The boys favored the mussel shells so they gathered a few for their sculpture.

After a late lunch and a freshly baked batch of cookies, we headed back out to the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center.  It borrows Irvine Regional Park's entrance but is its own entity.  We'd been there with our Pack for an archery & BB gun with our Cub Scout pack and I really enjoyed the tall opening in their outdoor chapel so I wanted to snap a pic of A1 there since I'd gotten A2 last time.

I'm really going to miss these packed days when the boys go back to school next week.  I don't exactly have our adventures mapped out for the day so it's quite a luxury to be able to wander about the county as it suits us.

By the way, the total price to today's activities?  $0!

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