04 December 2011

Happy anniversary

...to me and my beloved D7000 (2 days ago, actually).  It was supposed to be a stopgap measure while I waited for a new full frame body to be released by Nikon, but tsunamis and floods did in a few of their critical factories and everything got stalled.  Yet somehow, Canon still managed to announced their upcoming EOS-1D X in the interim.  Don't get me started on that because it sounds PHENOMENAL!  I'm no fanboi--I'd gladly switch to Canon or have both systems but since I'm not independently wealthy, I don't have the option to rebuild my lens arsenal.  (Okay, that's a total lie, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Nikon fanatic since my film days.)  Fortunately, my need for a new full frame body has been significantly tempered by the lovely and capable instrument that is my D7000.

Just how much do I love this little camera?  In the 12 months since I've had this camera, I've captured 25,143 frames.   That's CRAZY!  I don't get to show the bulk of my images because I do class photos for both boys, MOMS Club images, and Scouting shots and those are shown in private galleries for parents to view their own children.  Also, I don't post entire sessions on my professional blog because I do many posed shots that are not at all my style but I know that that's what many clients want (Although...why?!?  It's not what I show in my portfolio and not what I show in my blog, why would you expect me to create images in a style I never display?).  And as far as this blog is concerned, I can't possibly show every frame so I have to edit myself and cut out anything that isn't absolutely necessary to the story I'm telling.  Sometimes I select a lesser image (e.g., in composition, focus, etc.) because it makes a substantive contribution to the retelling of whatever event I'm visually summarizing so that all the images stand together cohesively.

Wow, I really rambled on there.  Hmm...why did I even voice that?  My rambling has been the nature of this entire blog!

Here are unrelated photos of the boys at a park they've lovingly named Green Lake Park:

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