06 December 2011

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds

First off, why all the accolades for Thoreau but not for Emerson, whose writing I find far more palatable?

And second, I do not favor one-note tweeting, FB updates, & blog posts.  As much I love to whine and complain, I'd hate to think that this blog is occupied solely by it.  I mean, once in a while, I share some triumphant moment of exuberance, right?  Like actual genuine ones, not those of the happy-happy-joy-joy variety! 

Reverberations of incessant complaining are understandably annoying, but, to be frank, so is a constant barrage of uplifting, inspirational messages.  I think it's because these positive messages are usually in the form of quotes (um...yeah, I see the irony) and communicate nothing personal about the author other than the fact that (s)he is a decent typist who can transcribe a clever saying.  So I suppose what I should be saying is that I prefer personal revelations, whether positive or negative, over a generic collection of other people's thoughts.

Unrelated photo of A1 perking up our tree--we usually have 3 but, this year, we simplified and picked up a real one as our only centerpiece.

And here is a shot that was buried in the archives.  It's me in the side view mirror with my much loved D80.  I know that I go on and on about my old D80 and the new D7000, but I'm willing to bet I'd love any camera to which I have access.  Heck, I even love my iPhone camera.  <--See?  A genuine positive thought to break the monotony of my usual griping.

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