23 December 2011

Environmental Nature Center & Little Corona

The ENC has a good handful of hands-on exhibits that the boys enjoyed--but they're generally very good about reading those informational plaques and discussing the materials at hand.  The grounds are only 3.5 acres so it's rather surprising that they can cram 13 different plant communities into that space, but they manage to do it, and do it well too.  We liked the plants but the critters were the best part of the short, highly manageable hike through the various trails.

We were excited to get there because this was a trip I'd been promising them for a long time so it took a while for A2 to stop dancing.

Then my GPS led me the wrong way and we got all turned around so I decided keep going on the current path and somehow ended up at Little Corona.  I'd been checking the tide tables and knew it was a minus low tide so there were lots and lots to view on the exposed rocks.  It's such a lovely locale, but the nearly noon hour meant horrible light so we only snapped a few shots.


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