30 December 2011

Day trip: Joshua Tree National Park

Road trip checklist: iPhone x 2 - yup, iPod - yup, iPad - yup, Kindle - yup!  Okay, I don't actually endorse this flavor of overkill because, in reality, our devices only got a few minutes of use at the very tail end of the drive home.

The obligatory entrance photo:

Parents of the Year!  I am a bazillion miles away to get the full shot.  Their dad is at bottom of the rocks, "Move closer to the edge so you can plummet to the rocks below I can take a pic!"

But they survived so it's okay.  We've clearly learned to let them explore on their own.

This is not a stellar image in itself, but A1 had scratched his back from squeezing between 2 rocks and A2 ran over to him to comfort him and I thought it was so sweet that it deserved a photo.

Then A1 recovered and it was back to the usual business of horsing around from dangerous heights.

A1 is trying to earn his Photography belt loop and pin in Scouts and while I don't love photos of myself, I will honor him by posting this shot that he grabbed of me and A2.

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KristineL said...

Hello darling, I'm finally taking some time to look at your blog and I LOVE this picture of you!!