11 November 2011

Someone else's art

Given a sheet of blank paper and some colored pencils, the boys would go to town.  But given a coloring sheet with a drawing to be filled in, they scribble for 3 seconds and call it a day.  And since I don't give a hoot about their ability to fill in someone else's art, their coloring, as is so often (too often?) expected in school, seems lacking.  So they are asked to repeat the task as if they lacked attention to detail or the ability to follow the commands of their teacher.  Both are wholly untrue.

Here is A2 with a mask that he "colored".  There's a red splotch in the center means it's a black widow.  See all the untouched areas around the splotch?  That's frowned upon in school.  And I simply don't get it!


Michelle N said...

Psst...! Your unschooling tendencies are showing ;) Seriously though, totally agree.

Lam said...

I think this may be where deconstructionist unschoolers and uber-academic tiger moms may agree--filling in other people's illustrations is of little interest to both ends of the spectrum!