05 November 2011

The poorly designed house

Our house is old and overly compartmentalized so that we can't even see the family room from the kitchen.  And the dining room is so isolated that we hardly spend any time there.  Last weekend, A1 received a Lego set (remember when they were just a bunch of interconnecting blocks and not entire sets to be put together in a pre-specified manner?) and wanted a large surface:

Mama: Why don't you use the dining table?
A1: Huh?  Which one is the dining table?
Mama: The *dining* table in the *dining* room.
A1: Which room is the dining room?
Mama: It's the one we have Thanksgiving in.
A1: Oh...THAT one!

We need to knock down a few walls, but James is so against it!

Unrelated photos of the boys, though you can only see A1, at school in their PJs hearing a story read by his Kindergarten teacher.  I added another one of A2 making faces at preschool just to balance things out.

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