22 November 2011

Photographer's children

While I still don't call myself a photographer, I do consider the A's photographer's children. Just today, when we were out trying to grab a few pics for our holiday card, I overheard A1 admonishing his little brother, "Stop goofing around--we're losing the light!" At a later point, A2 whined and criticized, "Move farther left: you're still in my frame!"

I've been finding something wrong with every shot!  How is it that I love my shots of them the rest of the year, but can't seem get anything decent when the holidays roll around?  Here are a few of the rejects:

See how A2's arm is just dangling?

This one is too hazy.

Look carefully at A2's head.  That branch in the background seem to be radiating from it.

And none of them really show their personalities like this one with A2 dancing and A1 looking pretty exasperated by said dancing. But am I really going to use this kind of photo for our card?

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