06 November 2011

My expressions

During clinical internship in graduate school, many of us rushed our post-session charting duties so that we could briefly join each other in the therapists' lounge to decompress and recharge before the next appointment.

Once, during one of these lounge moments, a fellow intern was discussing an interaction he'd had with a stranger on the street who'd made some ridiculous remark. This fellow intern proudly reported, "And then I shot one of YOUR looks at him!" Another intern, who happened to also be a classmate giggled, "Yeah, I love it when someone asks an inane question in class and instead of getting mad or frustrated, you flash that confused, are-you-really-THAT-stupid look at them!"  And then everybody laughed.

Oh-em-gee.  I was mortified!  I don't know what struck me harder, that I made faces at people (I had NO idea!) or that these faces were so easily discernible by others (again, I had NO idea!).

Well, in the interim, I've come to embrace my exaggerated expressions and I've certainly come to love them when they appear on the boys' faces.  I love what's happening with A2's face by the end of this series:

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