04 November 2011

Little brothers' playdate

When I quit my job to be at home full time with A1, I knew about the positive feelings I would experience but didn't expect the overwhelming feelings of being lost and alone without constant adult contact all day long.  It was obvious that regular playdates would be good for both of us.  I quickly discovered that it was pretty easy to schedule playdates as long as the playmate who was about A1's age was either an only child or a firstborn.  I couldn't figure it out but didn't put too much thought into the matter.

Then I had A2.  And I recall a few moms trying to schedule playdates with our family so that their child and A2 could play together.  As it turned out, I could hardly ever make those dates!  There was so much activity with A2's schedule and so much time that I wanted to dedicate to just the A's being together and bonding and enjoying each other's company.  But most importantly, I was no longer overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness because I'd already worked very hard to establish a social circle for myself and A1.  And suburbia being the way it is, many of A1's friends also had siblings about 2 years younger who were perfect built-in playmates for A2.

I don't mean to shut out those firstborns or only children who are now about A2's age, it just happens that way!  Here are 3 little brothers.  That little fella on the left and A2 didn't even exist when our families first starting playing together.

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